Yumi Zouma’s EP Collection

Yumi Zouma’s EP Collection

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Yumi Zouma are among the best prospects in regards to grinding pop, producing music that favours dance domains than any other genre. The three individuals who reside in three continents, namely: Oceania, Europe and North America have released music that has awarded them with a strong fan base. These e-collaborators work far apart from each other and have produced a musical collection brilliantly titled “EP Collection” that brings them together as if they are cramped up in the same studio.

yumi zoomaYumi Zouma’s brand of music is defined as “sunlit pop” that welcomes listeners due to its forthcoming personality. The songs in EP I and EP II collection are sweet, hazy and dreamy to give them a unique sound compared to other groups. The release of the two EPs along with separate singles has led them to become one of the most talked about groups in New Zealand.

The first part of the album is titled EP I: most of the songs here are an inspiration of the 2011 Christ Church earthquake that destroyed their house. The disaster led them to relocate to different parts of the world with the only connection between them being file sharing networks where they exchanged voice memos. This led to the creation of their signature drowsy and dreamy sound.
Their sound that brings together, chilly, cloudy and pop funk sounds come to life in the EP’s opener titled, “A long walk home for parted lovers” this is a slow track that features the wonderful and soothing vocals of Kim Pflaum, whose voice is best suited for this music. The tracks, “Salka gets her hopes up” is about a young Danish girl who has a crush on a boy” and the “Brae”, that is the street where their house was situated. Both tracks continue the nostalgic appeal of the first track. Pflaum’s lyrical prowess is evident in “Rhiannon” and “little lies”, these lyrics can touch our hearts: a thing that is not common with dance music.

The second part of the EP, simply titled EP II has the track “Alena” that opens up with thirty seconds of drizzling rainfall, this song is four minutes long with a lot going on. It has an authoritative pulse, heavy keys and house beats. This song is the most authoritative in this EP. “Catastrophe” has an eighties vibe to it, the song is backed by a superb bass line and soft choir. The song forms the softest track in this collection. The last two tracks are Gwen and Songs for Zoe, these two songs are a breath of fresh air with Pflaum singing in an elevated and beautiful uplifting chorus.

The eleven tracks from the EP Collection manage to live up to the hype that they have received from bloggers and followers. Yumi Zouma can be commended for developing greatest hits collection even though they have not made their official debut yet. They have produced songs from different parts of the world to produce a unique sound that makes us hope they remain geographically separated.