Where can you hear underground music in Manchester ?

Where can you hear underground music in Manchester ?

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Fans of Underground Music ought to take a trip to Manchester, where you can hear some of the best beats around in trendy spots. Dance the night away or kick back and relax with a beer and have a listen at local talent, new and old. This list will put some bounce into your trainers and introduce you to Manchester’s best.

The Warehouse Project

Whilst some claim it to be tourist-oriented, there is good, clear sound and a new feature is the two-room nights where multiple artists can be heard in the spaces. Located on Trafford Wharf Road and starting in September, you can find the autumn acts online in July.


Previous artists included Ostgut Ton and George Fitzgerald. For more information try The Warehouse Project. You can buy tickets and merchandise online, check out the space in the photo gallery, and contact management via their website.

Drunk at Vogue

If you don’t mind random dates and a shoestring type budget atmosphere, try this venue at Kraak. You can listen to disco, pop, House, and more. Note: Drag Queen friendly.

Drunk at vogue

You can check it out online on Twitter.


Located in the Soup Kitchen’s basement, this club has been around for years. Acts include 2562 and Norman Nodge bi-monthly with hosts Joy Orbison and Juniper. The Soup Kitchen is a full service bar with local and seasonal favourites. Try some jerk chicken vegan stew, or a specialty wine or spirit while listening to Abdulla Rashim & Varg, Herron, Smallville and more. Although their website has gone ‘underground’, they are still serving the hits via Soup Kitchen website and their Facebook page.


The last Friday of the month is time to come out to Joshua Brooks bar and Nightclub. Here you can find decent ale and excellent music. Content is the most popular event, and although small has a mighty powerful way of bringing in known acts like Juan Atkins, Andrew Weatherall, Kenny Larkin, and more.


The seating capacity is 200, and after July Content at Joshua Brooks will only be a memory, so get down there now and show your love or discover the codes of the Content experience for the first time. Prosumer, Josh Winks, and other special guests may be the highlight of the summer. Check out www.musicwithcontent.com

Last but not least in the search for the best of underground music clubs in Manchester, we have :

Bohemian Grove

House and techno rule the nights when you step inside the Salford Arts Hub Islington Mill. Music lovers of all ages and varieties come on down to Bohemian Grove to hear guests like Levon Vincent or Marcellus Pittman. Events occur monthly, and you can find out all the details via their Facebook page.

Bohemian Grove