The best places to hear folk in London

The best places to hear folk in London

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When spending time in London, you will want to check out the Folk Music scene. There are plenty of places you can go to hear classic folk songs and their more modern adaptations. Some venues offer food during or before events, while others have a cover charge on live music nights. Check out the locations below, and luckily you will be able to find whatever suits your fancy when next in the city. The London Folk scene is very much alive so get out and enjoy it when you can!

Kings Place

This 420 seat multi purpose venue also offers some exceptionally good folk music performances. Here you can see the likes of Boo Hewerdine, Brooks Williams, Chris Difford, Martha Tilston, David A Jaycock, Mary Waterson and more live in concert. Tickets are available online for a discount price or at the door for the full price.

Kings place

Check the venue for dates and times. When you arrive at Kings Place, you will find that it has two concert halls, a bar and café, restaurant on the water side, and conference facilities. And if you are a gambler, you are also not far from Empire casino and from a Bet365 shop, to place a bet or try some slots before or after concert. Stroll the art galleries before a show, then have a drink and a meal on-site after for a nice evening out.

The Apple Tree

This venue is one of the most folk-friendly music and pub locations around. Every second Sunday a live DJ hosts a lively show featuring a variety of new and up-and-coming artists. There is no cover charge, however a donation is asked during the live sessions. The gigs start going around 4 PM and doesn’t stop until 9 PM. You can also have some nibbles from the pub or a game of pool while you are waiting for the music to start.

The Apple Tree London

Cecil Sharp House

No list of folk music venues would be complete without a mention of the home of folk music and history, the Cecile Sharp House.This brick building houses the famous Kennedy performance Hall which is currently undergoing renovations. Once it is finished, it will be a performance and lesson venue of top-notch class for artists and fans. The rest of the Cecil Sharp House is still very much open to the public and you can find an archive and library of folk music history.

Cecil Sharp House

There are also lessons to be taken for budding musicians, and the English Folk Dance and Song Society. The venue is the première site for performances, with a variety of artists on a regular basis. Check the calendar for dates, times, and pricing. Cecil Sharp House is a popular conference and lecture venue as well, so if you want to take in some history or contemporary information about the thriving Folk Music culture, this is your place.