Tame Impala - "Currents" LP

Tame Impala – “Currents” LP

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After the 2012 release of “Lonerism” LP, universal critics and music enthusiasts assumed that psychedelic rock act Tame Impala could not possibly go any higher. Many believed that Tame Impala had hit its prime and it would be a downhill slide from then henceforth.

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Then came “Currents” LP on 17 July 2015 released under Interscope Records and everyone realised that they could not have been any wronger.

“Currents” LP – written, recorded, performed with high quality Thomann stuff, and produced by primary member Kevin Parker – is a fifty one minutes long album consisting of thirteen mind blowing tracks. Most of the singles in the album were recorded in Kevin Parker’s home studio in Freemantle.

‘Let it happen’ opens up the LP with a bang. Arranged by Parker himself, it is a web of disco-oriented beats served with a hint of rock and pop. There is something old school about this track but it is almost impossible to point it out. The electronic influence is unmissable but not surprising because we all knew that he had it coming.

Although he claims not to remember imagining and/or writing ‘Yes I’m Changing’, it is both a song and a statement of facts. Let us face it, with the applause and success that “Lonerism” LP received change was inevitable if Tame Impala hoped to remain relevant in the music scenes. It was certainly impossible to beat their record so they opted to venture into other categories.
As we listen to Parker’s softened yet raised pitch in ‘The Less I Know the Better’ we get the idea that his emotions are driven more by what he feels inside than the words he mouths.
‘Eventually’ is a story about remorse for something one is about to do while knowing only too well that it will cause irreversible damage but having no way around it. Its a beautiful emotional piece that humanises the whole album.


“Currents” LP has received a rather warm critical reception with high ratings on top sights such as Metacritic, Pitch Fork and Best New Music and has been doing great in Australian, UK and US billboard charts. Its first-week sales of vinyl copies in the US totaled 14,000, the highest for any album in a single week in the US since Jack White’s Lazaretto more than a year prior.

So the question in everyone’s mind is; “Has it outdone “Lonerism” LP?” Well, that would be like comparing the sun to the moon or a football defender to a striker. Yes they are somehow related but their differences are more projected than their similarities. It is only safe to say that they are both beautiful in their own unique ways. Once again Tame Impala has outdone itself and proved to the world that it is still a force to reckon with.

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