Music genres you must listen to

Music genres you must listen to

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It’s fair to say that every one of us has a favourite music genre. We might, sometimes, “cheat” on it, and listen to something new, fresh, and we may or may not end up loving it.

In our childhood, teenage years and onto adulthood, we can find ourselves listening to music styles extremely opposite to one another (see Jose Gonzales and Lion Babe, for example). Whichever your favourite, take a look at these new weird and very odd music genres and have a go, see if you like them

1. Mathcore

It’s hard to define mathcore. Basically, the name suggests a different interpretation of math rock, but with a more complex and dissonant approach of metacore. Rhythmically, is way stronger, and it uses – same as math rock does – unusual time signatures: Don Caballero, Drive Like Jehu, Slint – these bands can be regarded as initiators or somehow influencers of mathcore.

Their style is very similar to grindcore, and they’ve been associated with the likes of Car Bomb, The Locust, Daughters, Some Girls, The Number Twelve Looks Like You. Converge, Candiria and Coalesce Botch have played a big role in building the mathcore foundation.

2. Chiptune

The chip music is written in sound formats. The ideas is that sound textures are being synthesize in real time by a PC/laptop or a video game console sound chip. Nintendo Gameboy devices are the ones most usually used in creating a chiptune low bit playback.

The actual music genre is called “nintendocore” (Nintendo rock), and to mention a few bands that have been important pathfinders in this music genre: The Advantage, Miniboses, Horse the Band.


3. Spacesynth

In the former Eastern Bloc countries, spacesynth is called “cosmi-rockinside”, and in North America, they refer to it as sci-fi discoin. No matter how you wish to name it, space disco is a subgenre of eurodisco (a genre that after a successful period in 76-77, it became an European movement for the cults in a couple of years or so).

Disco music and sci-fi films (the most important ones were the Star Wars saga by George Lucas, Solaris and Stalker by Takovsky and Close Encounters of The Third Kind by Steven Spielberg) influenced artists to come up with this music genre. Some of spacesynth most famouls artists are: Cerrone, Dee D. Jackson, Sarah Brightman, Space, Sheila B. Devotion, Zodiac, Supermax. And if you’re looking to listen to some great albums, we recommend: “I’m ready” by Kano (1980), “Let’s groove” by Earth Wind & Fire (1980), “I feel space” by Lindstrøm (2005).


4. Bachata

Appeared initially in the Dominican Republic in the first part of the 20th Century, bachata spread its wings across the entire Latin America, becoming more popular in the countryside and the rural sides of the country.

Although at the beginning, it was named “amargue”, which means “bitter music”, bachata soon came to be a form of dance and a loved genre by everyone. The subjects it covers are related to romantic stories, heartbreak and sad songs. If interested, go for Antony Santos, Juan Luis Guerra, Leonardo Paniagua.

5. Danger Music

The 20th and 21st Centuries’ classical music have been transformed into an experimental form of music called “danger music”. The main insight this genre expresses is that music, sometimes, will (or can) hurt the listener or the performer.

The name is not not-intentional: some performances had to be cancelled due to their extreme philosophical and political statements, or due to the high pitch volume that could cause the audience painful fear (“Brown note”).