Hot chip - why make sense?

Hot chip – why make sense?

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Whether sat at your laptop furiously writing assignments, just back from the club but not yet ready for the night to end, entering the eighth monotonous hour of the drive or simply chilling at home on Sunday afternoon, the sixth studio-produced offering from Hot Chip, “Why Make Sense?”, provides the by turns motivating, soothing and exhilarating auditory accompaniment!

Irrespective of previous experience of Hot Chip, the primary response listening to “Why Make Sense?” will be a simple joy; a subdued, yet unquestionably jubilant, bubbling that occasionally breaks the surface to put a broad grin on the face of the listener. If you heard it in the background at a party, there’s a high chance you’re going to be asking the host who it is so that you can do it justice by listening later!

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For those familiar with Hot Chip, of course, the sound of the new album will be no great surprise, but that makes it no less excellent. The band has always succeeded in bringing many disparate musical elements together, and “Why Make Sense?” is no exception; the album has a pleasantly varied feel, although gentle vocals, driving beats and funk-inspired bass are predominant features. This sounds like a bet placed on a bookmaker such as William Hill promo code, because odds are good, but there is always a way of loosing everything. Such a mix is risky, but the finally result is great and the bet worth.

In many regards more consciously melodic than their previous work, or at least more focused than “In Our Heads” on integrating an authentic, calm acoustic sound into the mix, “Why Make Sense?” carries in parts a wonderful charm, such as the expert juxtaposition of soothing chiptune-esque vocoded vocals and mature lyrical content in “Burning Up”, or with the minimalist groove and driving strings of “Love Is The Future” or the customary blend of electronic and acoustic elements in the title track, “Why Make Sense?” As a side-note, this track also has a deliciously intense build-up, with an almost orchestral feeling of fullness!

Occasional breaks from form with interjected rap verses, such as in “Huarache Lights” and “Love Is The Future”, further the delightful diversity of the album, but never take precedence over the customary sound of the band.

There is nothing particularly subversive about this latest offering, perhaps with the exception of one delightfully exciting clash in “Re-Harmonize”, but the consistently understated vocals and subtly rich harmonies lift would might otherwise risk being nothing more than bland background music to a highly enjoyable addition to any electronic music fan’s record collection. Neither is there anything so sensational that it will rival the commercial success of “Ready For The Floor“, but “Why Make Sense?” is excellent accompanying or motivational music in a way that “Ready For The Floor” is simply too boisterous for.

To call this album mellow detracts from its more exhilarating moments and labeling it upbeat fails to highlight the subtle interplay of diverse musical elements at play; it’s an album that could persuade me to try a new blend of coffee, not one that would be urging me onto the fourth pint!