Club cheval - Discipline

Club cheval – Discipline

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Club Cheval, consisting of Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666 and Canblaster, is clearly on a hot streak.

The French quartet mixes traditional guitars and pianos with new wave synthesizers and machines to create an innovative combination of Pop, R&B and House music. Their music takes you on a journey through the human experience and you guessed it: love.

In September 2015, Club cheval released ‘Discipline’ EP, title-track from the album, with an indisciplined house party-themed video that had many scrambling for their dancing shoes. Club Cheval does not joke around when it comes to having fun and that is made clear in their video. ‘Discipline’ is characterised by funky pop vocals and robotic strains. There is something in the track that tells us that they are not afraid to be different and do not give a care about the consequence.

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The band’s innovative combination of mixers and synthesizers with traditional instrumentation achieves a semi-psychedelic effect to the singles. If what we have seen is anything to go by, Club Cheval seems to have gone rogue because “Discipline” LP does not conform to anyone’s rules. Their music is fresh and chic the kind that you would like to listen to on a happy day but would not mind if it was played on a bad one. The full album, “Discipline” LP, is set to be released in 2016 and if the two teasers are anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

Their musical journey started in 2010 when they dropped a couple of Bromance records-sponsored singles backed with several fun remixes and warm up covers. They were back at it, with much pomp I must add, in 2012 when the spoiled us with a double serving of fun. On the menu was ‘Now u realize’ and ‘Decisions’ EP which were served only months of each other. ‘Decisions’ EP was a mix platter of ‘Decisions’ and ‘Vanilla girl’ that did nothing but give fans an appetite for more. Unfortunately, we had to wait for three years and our hunger soon became frustration and futility. The numerous remixes and covers made many pop lovers assume that they were just youtube wonders and they would not be serving anything fresh. The all boys band must have been aware of this because in a bid to assure the world and in an effort to remain relevant, they released a couple of tracks from their upcoming album, “Discipline”, to taste the waters.

The first extract from the record, ‘From The Basement To The Roof’ EP, debuted in March 2015. Featuring deep vocals from Phlo Finister and complemented by well orchestrated grand piano notes and suppressed bassline, ‘From The Basement To The Roof’ EP is more futuristic as opposed to modern.

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