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Jose Gonzalez’s Vestiges and Claws

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Seven years after he produced his last album, Jose Gonzalez, a Swedish-Argentinean singer and songwriter has returned with a dark and essential piece. His first two albums were soft and embodied folk rock to categorise Jose Gonzalez alongside other singers like Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. “Vestiges and Claws” is armed with experimental arrangements and ...

Tame Impala – “Currents” LP

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After the 2012 release of "Lonerism" LP, universal critics and music enthusiasts assumed that psychedelic rock act Tame Impala could not possibly go any higher. Many believed that Tame Impala had hit its prime and it would be a downhill slide from then henceforth. (more…)

The best places to hear folk in London

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When spending time in London, you will want to check out the Folk Music scene. There are plenty of places you can go to hear classic folk songs and their more modern adaptations. Some venues offer food during or before events, while others have a cover charge on live music nights. Check out the locations ...

Yumi Zouma’s EP Collection

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Yumi Zouma are among the best prospects in regards to grinding pop, producing music that favours dance domains than any other genre. The three individuals who reside in three continents, namely: Oceania, Europe and North America have released music that has awarded them with a strong fan base. These e-collaborators work far apart from each ...

Django Django – ‘Born Under Saturn’ LP

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Django Django's follow up to their widely acclaimed self-titled 2012 debut album is nothing close to disappointing. If anything, 'Born Under Saturn' is more of a reflection of their true self than the first. This does not necessarily mean that it is better - because they differ in many aspects - but it is definitely ...

Dawn Richard – Blackheart review

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Blackheart is a Dawn Richard’s suite-laced sweep album that is highly dense and charismatic, blended with his emotional and musical bedrock and sweet solo voice. Blackheart is the sophomore album of some sort of trilogy that began with his 2013’s Goldenheart, portraying its predecessors violent imagery integrated with a diverse approach to R & B ...

DJ Koze – DJ-Kicks review

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In his youthful years of 1980’s Koze has been a highly competitive hip-hop DJ. The Hamburg-based producer, DJ Koze offers a highly unusual breathtaking collision of the precise and the blissful. In his albums, remixes and singles, the highly immersive sensation of psychedelia and shoegaze meet his pointillist precision of some little techno. While his ...

Jim O’Rourke – Simple Songs review

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Jim O’Rourke was a household name in electronic music and indie rock in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s. He assured quality music whenever his name was associated with a particular record and was heavily involved in some of the best works in electronic music and indie rock. For example, he collaborated with artists such ...

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