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The best indie or folk bands in the UK

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While taste in music can be very subjective and defining the 'best' difficult, most fans of Indies/folk music music will recognize some of the greats that are still stirring the vibes in the hearts of fans all over the United Kingdom. Narrowing it down to just five top UK Indies/folk bands was demanding yet delicious work. ...

Life lessons from the most inspired lyrics ever

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Music, weird or not, loud or quiet, helps us live the life we want to live, or at least aim for that dreamy one. Music can change lives and manipulate perceptions and thoughts. It can break down mountains and prejudices, it can change worlds. Yes, music changes worlds with words. So here is a great selection ...

Music genres you must listen to

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It’s fair to say that every one of us has a favourite music genre. We might, sometimes, “cheat” on it, and listen to something new, fresh, and we may or may not end up loving it. In our childhood, teenage years and onto adulthood, we can find ourselves listening to music styles extremely opposite to one ...

The most inspiring music quotes ever

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Big names, artists, personalities have a say in our lives. No matter if we fall in love with their art, painting or songs, what they say and what they can teach us from their experience is immeasurable. Therefore, here are a few of the strongest quotes coming from those who have shaped the world with their ...

The weirdest music instruments in the world

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Guitars, drums, saxophone, clarinet, violin, piano… yes, we all heard of these music instruments. But what about the ones either used only in certain geographical regions or promoted only for specific, odd music genres, which sometimes are a mix of many genres combined in an abstract way. This is a list of the weirdest music instruments that ...

Top 3 music books to read

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Reading about art will never be the same as enjoying it, seeing it or listening to it. But sometimes, words of wisdom written by experts in the industry can help us cultivate our passion even more. Therefore, here are the top 3 music books you should read regardless if you plan on becoming the next Roger ...

Club cheval – Discipline

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Club Cheval, consisting of Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666 and Canblaster, is clearly on a hot streak. The French quartet mixes traditional guitars and pianos with new wave synthesizers and machines to create an innovative combination of Pop, R&B and House music. Their music takes you on a journey through the human experience and you guessed it: ...

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