The 10 best music festivals in the world

The 10 best music festivals in the world

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What can be better for a music lover than a huge get-together with people who enjoy the same thing, who want to forget about the everyday and lose themselves to the world of senses?

Here is a list of the best music festivals in the world that you should go to at least once in a lifetime.

1. Exist Festival, Serbia

One of Europe’s top festivals, Exist is a place where risk-takers and rebels meet at the mind-blowing Petrovaradin Fortress to listen to funk ‘n’ soul, electro grooves and Serbian rap while the sun rises above the Danube.

2. Green Man, UK

For those eternally in love with culture, The Brecon Beacons offers the best atmosphere to hold one of UK’s best, and most elegant, eco-friendly music festivals: delicious food, tasty drinks, films, comedy and family-friendly places (for example, Einstein’s Garden).

3. Fusion, Germany

A reunion for nude anarchists and radicals of all sorts, Larz is the location to go to if you’re looking for countercultural vibe. The Fusion Festival was always compared with the European Burning Man, as it consists of a 4-day programme brimming with performance art, music, art installations, sculptures, electronic music and vegetarian food only.

4. Burning Man, USA

Metal sculptors and crystal healers gather together to enjoy this Dionysian, post-modern, cyberpunk ritual. This is a festival that puts the best DJs and artists (Deadmau5, Tyco) on one stage.

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5. FYF Fest

If you want to meet all the vinyl lovers, path-finders and city explorers, you must go to Los Angeles and enjoy the FYF Fest initiated by Sean Carlson, back in 2004. It is a 2-day event where you can listen to underground dance, garage, minimalistic electronic music with metal influences.

6. Fuji Rock, Japan

To get to Fuji Rock, you have to take a trip up a mountain, a 20-minute travel that will end in great music, views and landscapes that blend perfectly with the music in the background.

7. Magnetic Fields, India

In Rajasthan, electronic and culture lovers are expected to soak up a mesmerising experience that promotes superstars from Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay. Boutique camping is possible over these three days of festival.

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8. Gold Plains, Australia

Hippies and indie people are awaited in Victoria, Australia, to enjoy this beautiful festival that has nine years of history, bragging about weird traditions and open-mindedness. For example, people are invited to bring anything from home (even couches) as long as they won’t damage the communal vibe.

9. Bahidorá, Mexico

In Cuautla, hipsters and water-lovers are welcomed to this 24-hour party that takes place behind breath-taking palm trees, sparkling river, and jazzy vibe. Indie music, electronic and hip hop beats will help you soak up circus skills and even kayaking, in case you fancy that.

10. Lake of Stars, Malawi

Afro-pop fanatics hang around Lake Malawi, in Mangochi, to watch the sunrise while international talents and rising DJs blend their creativity with nature’s beauty.