The best places to listen to jazz in New Orleans

The best places to listen to jazz in New Orleans

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Are you planning a trip to New Orleans? Whether you are a first-time visitor or have been to the ‘big easy’ before, you will want to check out these spots throughout the Louisiana city where you can hear the hottest jazz in New Orleans.

With something for every taste in Jazz (speaking of which, listen to Lion Babe while we’re at it), these top destinations are sure to please even the most discerning ear and provide a worthwhile night of entertainment.

The Candlelight Lounge

Located in the former Tremé on North Robertson Street, this establishment is all that remains of a once thriving live music bar neighbourhood. Luckily, the cinder blocks stand and the Candlelight delivers every Wednesday for the Treme Brass Band.

If you are feeling thirsty, you can also get a house favourite which is known as a set up. This is a half-pint of liquor, a can of soda, a bowl of ice, and a few plastic cups for your entire table to enjoy. While operating hours can vary and are best checked into via telephone or at the door, you can be sure that Wednesday at the Candlelight Lounge is made just for you.

Candlelight Lounge

The Spotted Cat

For those who can’t be there, the Spotted Cat Live Music Club also offers free streaming music via their website. If you can stop in for the real thing, you should. While the interior space is very plain and partially furnished, and the bar has minimal offerings (cash only), this is one of the few places you can still smoke. There are all types of people who enjoy the Spotted Cat, tourists and bachelorette groups, and even famous celebrities.

The main feature of The Spotted Cat is the excellent swing jazz and hot new musicians like Sophie Lee Lowry, Meschiya Lake and Aurora Nealand. What might make you want to meow, ladies, is the upright piano which is inside the washroom. Merchandise from the club is available online from the kitschy black shot glass to wearable attire.

The Spotted Cat

Snug Harbour

Known as the oldest club on Frenchmen Street, Snug Harbour is considered the number-one place for live fans of jazz in New Orleans. Snug Harbour’s musicians revisit the classical jazz of the past along with national jazz musicians who can be seen at the Snug nightly. The stage is impressive, offering a top-quality sound system and piano for performers.

At this establishment, there is a cover fee, and when the music starts you have to keep your mouth shut or risk being bounced on out. Music starts at 8 PM and 10 PM every night, and the dining options run from 5 PM to 10:45 PM weekdays and 11:45 PM weekends. Local fare is on the menu and Creole classics reign supreme along with a full bar menu to keep you hydrated during the acts.

Snug Harbour

Just in case you want to go for some underground music for a change, visit the UK and stop at Manchester to enjoy the sounds.

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