Django Django – ‘Born Under Saturn’ LP

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Django Django's follow up to their widely acclaimed self-titled 2012 debut album is nothing close to disappointing. If anything, 'Born Under Saturn' is more of a reflection of their true self than the first. This does not necessarily mean that it is better - because they differ in many aspects - but it is definitely ...

Best Coast’s California Nights

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California Nights is Best Coast’s latest album after their debut album “Crazy for You”, the mini album titled “Fade away” that attempted to reposition their lead singer, Bethany Cosentino as a stripped down singer and songwriter. Their third album was titled “The Only Place”, was released in 2012. Their latest album lays emphasis on her ...

The Foals – What Went Down

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Unlike their last two albums, the Foals have come up with an album that does not require an explanation about its intentions. Ever since the Foals released “Antidotes”, their 2013 album, each new record that they have produced shows a high degree of maturation, musically speaking. The progress can be seen from their humble beginnings ...

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