Music genres you must listen to

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It’s fair to say that every one of us has a favourite music genre. We might, sometimes, “cheat” on it, and listen to something new, fresh, and we may or may not end up loving it. In our childhood, teenage years and onto adulthood, we can find ourselves listening to music styles extremely opposite to one ...

Tame Impala – “Currents” LP

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After the 2012 release of "Lonerism" LP, universal critics and music enthusiasts assumed that psychedelic rock act Tame Impala could not possibly go any higher. Many believed that Tame Impala had hit its prime and it would be a downhill slide from then henceforth. (more…)

Where can you hear underground music in Manchester ?

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Fans of Underground Music ought to take a trip to Manchester, where you can hear some of the best beats around in trendy spots. Dance the night away or kick back and relax with a beer and have a listen at local talent, new and old. This list will put some bounce into your trainers ...

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